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S.N.F.U track complete!

S.N.F.U Has completed a stellar cover of "I wanna be an east Indian" For the FTW compilation featuring Dayglo alumni! "Can I get a beer over here"- Mr Chi Pig

Cruzar Media presents: West Of Hell

September 1, 2012 at the studio music foundation The return of West Of Hell!West of Hell is a heavy metal band that was formed in West Auckland, New Zealand. Their objective was to create a sound that would preserve their legendary influences, whilst having modern elements. This perfect blend would evolve the music boldly into the future of Metal.

SNFU signs with Cruzar Media

In the beginning…

A man named Kendall “ Mr Chi Pig” Chinn in the bowels of the frozen Canadian prairies hopped of his skateboard and did a flying high kick of a bass drum on to a stage. He became one of the most enigmatic singers of all time. Others followed and a musical revolution was born.

But one day dark forces began to invade the culture of music and outsider art and Mr Chi Pig was forced to go underground.

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